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Choosing Wikstrom Engineering

Known for our integrity, responsiveness, urgency and prompt communication, we’ve worked with many of the largest companies in property management, building engineering and building maintenance.

Expert Approach

Our team brings over 14 years of experience to the table. We currently hold professional engineering licenses in 18 states, and counting. Call us to talk rooftop safety and get your free quote.

Putting Rooftop Safety First

We are here to help keep your window washers and facade maintenance workers safe and your building compliant.

Remaining Compliant

Rooftop safety laws have changed. We can help take the planning off your hands, and ensure your certification records are kept up to date.

Professional Team

Not just here to check a box, we're observant and can consult on layout, design, and training/education.


Clear and timely communication
Attention to detail
Responsive to your unique needs

Our Team


I started Wikstrom Engineering Consulting in 2016 to help building owners, property managers, and façade access employers with their inspections and certifications. I love meeting new people and enjoy working with them year after year. I have built great rapport with our customers and they appreciate my attention to detail. They learn that I’m not someone who cuts corners and love my thoroughness, because rooftop safety is important to them and their business. I love that my job takes me to new places. I also have several favorite restaurants in cities I’ve visited over the years, and I often try to find a new Asian restaurant during my trips. I’ve been doing this a long time and while I have the utmost respect for heights, I can still get that funny feeling sometimes in certain situations.

Chris Somero
Business Development Lead

I began working with WEC in January of 2023 and I spend my days helping develop the business, setting and executing strategy, and finding ways to connect with current and potential customers. I enjoy matching up customers that can benefit from Wikstrom Engineering's rooftop testing and inspection expertise. When the product or service is something I can believe in, sales is a "win-win" proposition for both the customer and the company. I've been afraid of heights since I was a child, so fortunately, helping with the business side of things is perfect for me because I can leave the high work to the rest of the team! My four kids take up a lot of my time, but I also enjoy being with friends, outdoor activities like hiking or sports, and a CrossFit class as often as possible. I'm passionate about fixing or building things, including cars, house projects, and businesses. I'm also an on-call firefighter for the city I live in in Minnesota - my wife is happy I found a hobby that actually pays me instead of the other way around!

Inspection Technician

I’ve been with WEC since 2022. I’m most excited about the opportunity to learn and grow with a small company. I love the travel; getting to see the country. Every day is different which makes it very exciting and interesting. When I’m not traveling for work I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking, downhill skiing, biking, fishing and hunting. Nights on the road you can find me catching a movie or a good TV show while relaxing closer to ground level.

Inspection Technician

I joined the WEC team spring of 2023. I care deeply about safety, and know the testing and inspections we do make sure things are in working order to help keep people safe. The thing I love most about my job is that I get to see beautiful views in interesting places. Surprisingly, nothing beats a good food truck! Every day is different and exciting. And it is nice being a part of a company where you know your team and can attest that they really are good folks. Every trip I take I try to find a weird or interesting souvenir for my kids. I have come home with all sorts of things, but so far, the fan favorite has been a cool rock I found. You never know what will be a hit!