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Meeting OSHA & ANSI Powered Platform Requirements

Are you looking for an independent assessment of your building’s BMU or Powered Platform? We can help.

In addition to inspecting and testing roof anchors and davits, Wikstrom Engineering provides annual inspections of most types of building maintenance units (BMU) and powered platforms that are used for façade access. BMU and powered platform inspections ensure they are safe for use and that they meet OSHA 29 CFR 1910.66 and ANSI A120.1 requirements.

Wikstrom Engineering inspects all Building Maintenance Units including brands Manntech, Mannesmann, Tractel, and Cox Gomyl.


Power Platform Inspection Requirements

The following are regulations covering the periodic inspections and tests on powered platforms that Wikstrom Engineering has expertise in performing:

  • 1910.66(g)(2)(i)
    Related building supporting structures shall undergo periodic inspection by a competent person at intervals not exceeding 12 months.
  • 1910.66(g)(2)(ii)
    All parts of the equipment including control systems shall be inspected, and, where necessary, tested by a competent person at intervals specified by the manufacturer/supplier, but not to exceed 12 months, to determine that they are in safe operating condition. Parts subject to wear, such as wire ropes, bearings, gears, and governors shall be inspected and/or tested to determine that they have not worn to such an extent as to affect the safe operation of the installation.
  • 1910.66(g)(2)(iii)
    The building owner shall keep a certification record of each inspection and test required under paragraphs (g)(2)(i) and (ii) of this section. The certification record shall include the date of the inspection, the signature of the person who performed the inspection, and the number, or other identifier, of the building support structure and equipment which was inspected.

      The following are some of the regulations covering the maintenance inspections and tests on powered platforms that should be performed by your service provider:

      • 1910.66(g)(5) through 1910.66(h) contains the regulation regarding the 30-day pre-use inspection and tests.

      Inspections & Tests

      Powered Platform Maintenance Inspections & Tests

      Understanding safety concerns and regulatory requirements for Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) and Powered Platforms when installed for use by façade access workers is key to ensuring safe building maintenance. Wikstrom Engineering is qualified to perform the annual inspection and safety assessment of these additional building maintenance elements.  

      While Wikstrom Engineering commonly performs the annual safety inspection according to OSHA 1910.66 which includes the secondary brake test, the maintenance inspection that is required 30 days before use and every 30 days during use should be performed by your maintenance service provider. 


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