Wikstrom Engineering provides the required inspections and testing of your building maintenance system and tie off points. 


The first annual site visit often includes:

  •  The anchorages will each be inspected to confirm compliance to OSHA 1910, ASME A120.1, and IWCA I-14.1 requirements for annual inspections.

  • Review any drawings (if available) of the existing system which includes system design and means of attachment of the anchorages to the structure.

  • Inspection and testing if the anchors and davits have not been tested within the last ten years.

  • Perform load testing of existing roof anchorages. Anchors to be pulled in pairs to a load value of 2,500 Lbs. Also test Davit bases and related equipment per OSHA requirements.

  • Annual inspection of anchorages will be completed in conjunction with re-certification load testing. Visual inspection of anchors.

  • Prepare an engineer stamped report of test results and provide certification for use document (if all tests passed).

  • Provide recommendations for any additional anchorages or remedial work that may be required to ensure full compliance with the new legislation.

  • A Certificate of Compliance will then be issued, along with all documentation necessary for compliance with OSHA and local requirements. 

Separate from annual inspections building owners should ensure equipment and/or anchors get re-certified when:

  • Equipment is modified or removed from the structure
  • Re-roofing or renovation
  • Equipment shows excessive wear or damage
  • Periods not to exceed 10 years