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Why Rooftop Anchor Testing Matters

Importance of Testing Rooftop Anchors

Testing tie-back anchors and davit systems is essential to the safety of the workers who rely on these fall protection systems, whether they are contractors or your employees. Building owners are required to provide workers and contractors with a workplace free from recognized hazards. They are also required to provide documentation to the contractors that the anchors and davits have been tested and inspected and are certified for use.


Who requires rooftop fall protection inspections?

OSHA regulations require documentation of these rooftop safety inspections. The International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) and ANSI/ASME A120.1 also state that roof anchors shall be inspected annually by a qualified person.


Annual Rooftop Anchor Inspections

At Wikstrom Engineering, our inspectors will check for signs of wear or damage during the required annual inspection. The types of defects we see may include corrosion, chemical degradation, alterations, loosening, or extreme wear. Load testing and certification of anchors and davits are typically required every ten years depending upon the type of anchor, with a visual inspection annually. Learn more about WEC’s annual testing & inspections >


Wikstrom Engineering Consulting, P.C. has over 14 years of experience and clients across the country—we perform over 375 inspections annually to ensure the safety and compliance of rooftop fall protection systems. Put your employees in the hands of experts you can trust.