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Here to help you limit your liability on rooftop safety and make your job easier.

Wikstrom Engineering Consulting

Providing inspections and certification of rooftop anchor systems is what we do, and we do it well.

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Top Dallas & Fort Worth Rooftop Anchor Inspection & Certification Provider

Wikstrom Engineering performs annual inspections and 5 & 10 year recertifications to buildings of height across Texas to confirm your rooftop fall protection systems are safe to use, ensuring your building maintenance is uninterrupted. We adhere to OSHA and ANSI/IWCA regulations, ensuring the safety standards of your system is up to date and of the highest quality.

Anchors are a key feature of roof fall protection

Wikstrom Engineering

What We Look for During Dallas & Fort Worth Rooftop Anchor Inspections

Dallas, Fort Worth, and cities across Texas as a whole have some of the most unpredictable weather conditions. From hurricane winds to heavy storms, your roof has to withstand a lot. Wikstrom Engineering knows the harsh conditions your safety systems need to endure, and will check all rooftop anchors, davits and tie-offs for the following:

  • Physical damage such as cracks and deformation that can affect operation
  • Excessive corrosion or wear and tear that may affect strength or operation
  • Examine fasteners for tightness, corrosion, damage, or wear and tear
  • Examine welds for corrosion, cracks, damage, or wear and tear

Once inspections or testing has been completed, we will provide information on any identified problems and make recommendations to address any areas of concern for getting them back into service. We will also provide full documentation including inspection/test results and logbooks for each building.

Types of Anchors We Inspect

Wikstrom Engineering inspects and tests all types of rooftop tieback anchors, including:

  • Through-bolt roof anchors
  • Welded roof anchors
  • Embedded roof anchors
  • Epoxy anchors
  • Bolt-around-beam roof anchors

Types of Davit Systems We Inspect

Wikstrom Engineering inspects and tests most types of rooftop davit systems, including:

  • Personal lifting davits
  • Roof-rigged and ground-rigged davits
  • Motor-powered davits
  • Hand-powered davits

Other Tie-offs We Inspect

If your façade access workers are using something to tie-off to, we inspect it:

  • Structural steel
  • Access structures
  • And, all other tie-offs

Building Rooftops We Inspect

We know rooftop safety, no matter the height! Wikstrom Engineering has served all industries, from commercial buildings to office campuses, health networks, and residential condos to hotels. While it is the responsibility of the building owner to have rooftop anchors and davit systems inspected annually, Wikstrom Engineering works closely with Dallas & Fort Worth property managers, building engineers and maintenance teams to help limit your liability and ensure compliance.


Your Rooftop Safety Partner – Servicing all of Texas

Our services include load testing, inspections and certifications on buildings in Dallas & Fort Worth. We ensure your roof anchor systems (tie-back anchors, davit systems, powered platforms and BMUs) are compliant for window cleaners, façade maintenance workers and other contractors working at height. At Wikstrom Engineering, fall protection testing and inspection is performed under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer and is performed by specialty technicians.

More About Wikstrom Engineering

Past customers choose Wikstrom Engineering because we are knowledgeable, attentive, and responsive.

  • Licensed professional engineer
  • 14 years in business
  • 515 rooftops inspected nationally
  • Nationwide service area, including Dallas & Fort Worth!

We archive all building testing and inspection records, send reminders for annual inspections, and are happy to work under multi-year contracts or across a portfolio of buildings.

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