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Rooftop Anchors & Davit Systems

Testing and Certifications

To help our customers meet OSHA tie off anchor requirements and comply with industry regulations, Wikstrom Engineering offers testing and certification service of your roof anchors and davit systems. Certification testing must be documented every 10 years, though many of our customers prefer to do it every 5 years to ensure there are no safety issues and certain anchor installations require testing every 5 years.

  • We perform load testing of existing roof anchorages if needed for certification. We also test davits, davit bases and related equipment per OSHA requirements and industry standards.
  • You will receive an engineer-stamped report of test results, plus a certification for use document (if all tests are passed).

OSHA requires that a qualified person perform this service—the OSHA distinction between a competent person and a qualified person can be complex, and determining who is the appropriate person for the job is a risk that your company shouldn’t shoulder. Wikstrom Engineering has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your inspection will meet OSHA anchorage requirements and there will be no compliance issues with your certification. Fall protection violations remain OSHA’s most frequent citation, so it pays to ensure your inspection is performed by the right team of experts.

Falls are one of the leading causes of traumatic workplace injury in the USA. OSHA estimates that their 2017 fall protection requirements will prevent 29 fatalities and 5,842 lost-workday injuries every year.


Additional Certification Considerations

In addition to annual inspections, to meet OSHA tie off anchor requirements best practices you should have your building and equipment re-certified in the following situations:

    • When equipment is modified or removed from the structure
    • If your building is re-roofed or renovated
    • When the equipment shows excessive wear or damage
    • Periods not to exceed 10 years

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